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We work in accordance with the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) guidelines and the latest BS7671 Wiring Regulations, which means we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our work.
We’re happy to provide free no-obligation quotations with no hidden costs to make sure that you have complete transparency as to how the job will be undertaken, the work involved and the cost.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

An EICR, or Electrical Installation Condition Report, is an in-depth inspection of your property or business premises electrical systems and installation. The inspection is to assess and identify any condition, deterioration or defect which has the potential to result in danger. In this report, all the electrical systems and installations present in residential or commercial buildings are thoroughly inspected.

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Consumer Unit
Upgrade / Replacement

Sometimes called a fuse box / CCU / Circuit Breakers.
The consumer unit is responsible for powering all the circuits in your home and is made up from various parts, such as: mains switch, residual current devices (RCD's), and circuit breakers. You should always know where your consumer unit is located, in case of emergency and you need to turn it off or on.

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Portable Appliance Testing

Electric shock can kill or seriously injure! In-service Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment (PAT Testing) is necessary to help ensure appliances are effectively maintained and safe to use for the intended purpose. Our experienced City & Guilds 2377-77 trained engineers provide a first class, reliable service. Day rates are only applicable to PAT testing.

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Room Rewires / House Rewires

Rewires are generally completed in two stages: First stage – cabling, wiring, circuits and back boxes are all replaced. Second stage – lighting fittings and faceplates on sockets and switches and are installed. All wiring is connected to the consumer unit to make everything live.

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Switch Installation
Reposition / Repair

In electrical wiring, a light switch is a switch most commonly used to operate electric lights, permanently connected equipment, or electrical outlets. Portable lamps such as table lamps may have a light switch mounted on the socket, base, or in-line with the cord.

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Aerial connection point Installation

A TV aerial plug is a connector used to connect coaxial cables with each other and with terrestrial VHF/UHF roof antennas, antenna signal amplifiers, CATV distribution equipment, TV sets and FM / DAB-radio receivers.

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Lighting Design & Installation

Lighting is the foundation to our vision, the most powerful of our senses. Light is visible radiant energy, revealing our world in all its shapes and colors to us.

At Howarth Electrical we use Relux lighting design software. This service involves a site visit taking detailed mesaurements and assessing the viability of your requirements.


Hikvision CCTV Security Systems

Hikvision is considered top in its class although there are a few contenders out there that come very close to possibly dethroning them. It's hard to beat Hikvision for quality and performance, making Hikvision easily one of the most reliable CCTV cameras on the market.


Socket Installation
Reposition / Repair

Plugs for appliances rated between about 700 watts and 3000 watts (the maximum rating of a wall socket) should be fitted with a 13-amp fuse (coloured brown). For example: 13A Fuse – Washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, kettle, toaster, iron.

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Fault Finding - 6 Key Points

1. Collect the evidence.

2. Analyse the evidence.

3. Locate the fault.

4. Determination and removal of the cause.

5. Rectification of the fault.

6. Check the system.

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Wired Smoke / Heat / Co2 Alarms

Smoke alarms are self-contained devices that incorporate a means of detecting a fire (smoke detector) and giving a warning (alarm), usually a very loud beeping sound. They are about the size of a hand and are normally fitted to the ceiling. They can detect fires in their early stages and give you those precious minutes to enable you and your family to leave your house in safety.

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External Security Lighting

Illuminate pathways, entrances, gardens and outbuildings with a range of robust and energy efficient exterior lighting. ... Use passive infrared lamps that are triggered by movement to deter intruders, or dusk to dawn lamps that will remain on throughout the night for added protection. All our lighting is fitted in accordance with BS 7671 guidelines and to BS EN 12464-2 standard.

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External Socket Installation

An outdoor socket has a protective casing which provides a weatherproof housing unit to supply power to an outside space. Designed to be installed on an exterior wall, an outdoor plug socket allows electrical garden equipment to be used safely without the need to run long trailing cables through the house.

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Home Alarm and Security Systems

There are numerous types of intruder alamrs, from electric current alarm systems, wired alarm systems, wireless home alarm systems, unmonitored home alarm Systems throught to monitored home alarm systems. Everyone has one type that is their preference to suit their budget and peace of mind. Contact us and we'll be happy to run through the different options to discuss which one is best for you.

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